Welcome to BuildWorks Canada

Welcome to BuildWorks Canada

Welcome to BuildWorks Canada!  A partnership not only long overdue, but long in the making.  Over the last two years, Local Construction Associations across Canada have been collaborating and working together with our software partner to create a larger, stronger, and more valuable service for our industry.  What you’ll find in BuildWorks Canada is the result of incredibly detailed and collaborative work between Local Construction Association partners in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta in it’s infancy. . . as we have big plans for the future.

Front of mind for everyone involved in this partnership has been elevating the service and creating greater access to opportunities for Local Construction Association members and users across Canada.  For over 100 years Local Construction Associations have been in the business of connecting their members to opportunities and through BuildWorks Canada we will continue to serve industry in this way.  By partnering as provinces, we are putting all of the work, and all of the qualified providers in one place.  This clarity, simplicity, and efficiency is contributing to a better industry where quality partners can connect, find work, and grow their businesses.  Owners and buyers of Construction now have the one stop shop they have always desired when they need to connect with industry find the best value available for their projects.

If you’re looking for work, BuildWorks Canada providers will report on close to 8,000 opportunities in 2018.  If you’re looking for Contractors, Suppliers, or any Construction Service providers, the BuildWorks Canada Directory can connect you directly to over 5,000 Local Association member firms as well as over 5,000 additional non-member industry participants.  BuildWorks Canada can connect you to the work, information, and contractors you need to grow your business and be successful on your next project.

We are excited to be launching this new service as collaborative partners across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta look forward to helping your company achieve its goals.

Curtis Griffith

Director, Business Development

BuildWorks Canada